Agile Architecture Classroom Training Impossible to combine SAFe and the TOGAF® standard? Didn’t think so! Learn how in this 1-day course.

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The 4 benefits of our Agile Architecture course


In our Agile Architecture training we will discuss the relationship with standardized frameworks such as the TOGAF® standard, Prince2 and SAFe. In this way you learn to apply the agile mindset to your existing environment.


In the training we address practical examples and questions that arise with the participants. In an in-company training course, however, we can adapt even more to specific issues within an organisation. This allows you to set priorities yourself.

Experienced trainers

Thanks to his many years of experience in agile environments, Daan Meeuwsen can draw upon numerous practical examples. In his role as Business Analyst and Developer, he acts as a linking pin between the business and IT of organizations.

VAT-free education

We offer VAT-free training for individuals, insurers, banks and government. The Unit Company is registered and accredited CRKBO trainer for professionals in the Netherlands. Please contact us to check whether you are eligible for VAT-free training.

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Daan Meeuwsen
Agile Architect

Within the projects we work completely according an agile approach. Only in large organizations we sometimes find that they impose hard deadlines, which forces you towards a waterfall approach. However, we try to tackle this in an agile way together with the IT and business team, by dividing it up into smaller steps.

Learn how to incorporate agile into your architecture

More and more organizations are working in an agile manner, but what does this mean for the role of an architect? What can you accomplish with an agile architecture design?

An agile approach is efficient and effective. The focus is on results that are relevant to the business and achieving the project or organization objectives with a higher quality. Agile architecture puts an end to the ‘paper architect’; no more time-consuming documents, but an optimal coherence between all activities. Agile and architecture are therefore a golden combination!

Which questions will you learn to answer?

  • How does Agile work together with architecture?
  • How does the TOGAF® 9 framework fit together with the SAFe Scaled Agile Framework?
  • How do you combine an Agile approach with an architecture approach? Where do these two come together?
  • How do you combine Epics, Features, Stories, architecture roadmaps, architecture building blocks (ABB) and solution building blocks (SBB)?
  • How do different roles, as architect, product manager and business owner, fit together?
  • How does architecture fit into project management, and vice versa? For example, where does the TOGAF® framework fit into Prince2? What does this mean for the roles of the project manager and the architect?
  • How can you successfully develop projects and architecture in harmony? Do you start from project driven architecture or architecture driven projects?

At the end of the training you will have a good insight into how agile and architecture go hand in hand, both in theoretical and practical terms. This is an excellent starting point for an agile architecture in your own organization. At the end of the training you will receive a certificate of participation.

Study load

The total amount of study load is equal to the contact hours with the trainer. This means that there is no study load outside of the training. The following applies to this training:

  • Day 1: 10:00 a.m – 4:00 p.m (6 hours)

This amounts to a total study load of 6 hours.

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