TOGAF® 9 Blended In-company training

Train your entire team cost-effectively without losing billable hours

Cost-efficient TOGAF® certification without loss of depth and interaction?

The Unit Company understands that you can’t miss your employees for five consecutive days. That is why we offer our TOGAF Blended in-company training. This is a fully integrated training program in which the theory is largely studied online through self-study. The classroom training days are completely dedicated to expanding the theoretical knowledge to practice with practical cases. This effective approach gives you the best of both worlds: cost reduction and high quality, interactive training, WIN-WIN!

Why choose TOGAF Blended In-company training?

  • Cost-efficient
  • Minimal loss of billable hours
  • Combination of self-study and classroom training
  • Energy boost for the team
  • Deepening and interaction during classroom training days

What you can expect in our TOGAF Blended In-company

In the online kick-off session, the participants get to know the trainer, and the learning objectives of the eLearning are discussed so that the study planning is clear and the classroom training days are used optimally.

The eLearning training can be done at your own pace, 24/7, also outside office hours. While studying the theory in the eLearning, the trainer is available at all times for help or questions.

At the classroom training days, the theory of TOGAF is further deepened with interactive practical assignments. Because a large part of the theory is already covered in the eLearning, we have a lot of time to work with examples or cases from the organization. Besides that, in these days we will fully prepare the participants for the exams.

After the training the participants receive an exam voucher to make the exams independently at a Pearson Vue test center near you.


The delivery of the training is visualized in the following image:

The TOGAF® framework

TOGAF is the most widely used Enterprise Architecture framework in the world. Every organization is subject to change. From strategic to daily changes, from long-term to rapid changes. In order to support change, Enterprise Architecture needs to align business and IT. The TOGAF® framework provides a common view on the matter, making the approach unambiguous.

In our TOGAF® Blended training the participants become familiar with Enterprise Architecture and gain sufficient theoretical and practical knowledge to apply the TOGAF® standard within your organization.

Besides that the participants will be well prepared for the exams. After the training, the acquired knowledge can be implemented directly in the organization to support and improve the architecture process and communication with stakeholders.

Accredited TOGAF® 9 Certified Training

TOGAF Accreditatie

Our TOGAF® 9 Certified Training, Version 9.2, is accredited by The Open Group. This has 3 advantages for you as a participant:

  1. The quality of our TOGAF® training is continuously monitored by the author of the TOGAF® standard, The Open Group. This ensures you of the best quality training.
  2. By attending an accredited training course, you comply with international laws and regulations.
  3. After passing the exams, you will be included in the ‘Directory of Certified People’ at The Open Group, allowing employers to verify that you are actually certified.

Since 2010 we help organizations with their Business & IT challenges

We have now certified over 2,500+ participants

Partner of The Open Group for 10+ years
The Open Group Accredited Training Course
Average rating of 9.1 out of 10


Exam passing percentage of


The four benefits of our TOGAF Blended in-company training


The training content is flexible and can be partly tailored to the organization.

Team development

This Blended TOGAF training ensures that your employees learn together and from each other.

Combination of self-study and classroom training

Self-study of the theory through eLearning + deepening through practical cases and exam exercises in two classroom training days.

Financially interesting

Cost efficient training without loss of billable hours

These organizations have certified their team through our TOGAF Blended in-company training:

Peter Hakvoort
Partner, Vellekoop & Meesters

The TOGAF Blended Incompany training has a good balance between practical cases and theory.

Rating trainer: 10/10, rating training: 10/10.

Peter Staphorst
Projectmanager/ Consultant

Yes, I recommend this training. The setup and exam preparation during the classroom sessions and the combination with e-learning was great!

Rating trainer: 9/10. Rating training : 9/10.

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All of our trainings can be delivered as in-company courses. The training is tailored to your organization, because you choose the location, the number of training days and additional themes.

Wondering what the possibilities are for your organization? Feel free to contact us to discuss how we can help your organization.