The 5 benefits of a Virtual training course

The 5 benefits of a virtual training course

In the coming weeks we will mainly have to work from home. And that’s an extra bummer when you have planned a training course that can’t take place as a physical training right now. In order to be of the best possible service to you as a customer, we currently offer all our classroom trainings virtually.

I hear you thinking, a virtual training? That is not the same as a physical training. No, it’s not. However, there are a number of undeniable advantages to follow a virtual training course:

1. You can participate any time and from any location 

Even when you are (forced or self chosen) in isolation or quarantine. All you need is a laptop or tablet and an internet connection.

2. Lots of interaction

Fortunately, the collaboration software possibilities are quite extensive these days. This allows us to guarantee the same interaction as in our physical training courses. We do this by, among other things:

  • Using a digital whiteboard to take notes together
  • The use of different quiz forms
  • Each participant can share his/her screen to show his/her progress
  • In the ‘break-out sessions’, practical assignments can be worked out together in small groups.
  • Is the trainer speaking, but do you want to ask a question? In our tool you can also virtually  ‘raise your hand’.
  • Finally, of course we use audio and webcam, so you can see and hear your fellow participants and discuss together.

3. With a virtual training you are wel prepared for your future

No doubt there will come a time when we ‘just’ get back to work. And then, after following an online training you will be a better employee than before this situation started: You will have more knowledge and more skills that you can immediately apply in your work. In short, you have become more valuable to your employer or within your own company.

4. On demand live sessions play back

All live training sessions are recorded for you, so if you unexpectedly miss one of the training sessions (e.g. because you have to help your child with his/her schoolwork) you can look back the recording at a moment that suits you. This way you don’t have to miss anything, but you can arrange your day yourself.

5. Soon there will be a lot of work to catch up on

When we ‘get back’ to work, a lot of work will have to be made up: overdue work, delayed sprints, customer contact, you name it. Your employer will not be keen for you to be immediately absent for a few days to follow a training course. By participating in a virtual training course, you will not lose any working time that you will have to make up for training and knowledge. After all, you kept track of this during the home-work period.

Would you like to follow a virtual training course yourself or with your organization? Then take a look at our virtual training courses for the possibilities