Soon you will be able to follow our classroom courses again in our training venue in Utrecht.
What does the 1.5 meter society mean for the courses of The Unit Company? Read it on this page.

Up to June 15th we will continue to deliver our classroom courses via Live online delivery and eLearing. However, behind the scenes we are preparing for the reopening of our training location. We have rearranged the venue to comply with safety regulations. Your health is our number one priority. That is why from 15th June we will admit a maximum of 6 participants in our classroom of 80 square meters. In addition to a distance of 1.5 meters, this is more than 11m2 per person, in other words completely Corona-proof!

When can I follow a classroom course in the training venue in Utrecht again?

As of 15th June you are welcome in our training venue again to follow one of our training courses. Initially we have a limited number of seats available per training session to guarantee your health and safety. You can choose whether you want to follow the training in our classroom or virtually from home.

What safety precautions does The Unit Company take?

Your health and safety is most important to us. Initially, we offer the classroom training in an intimate setting up to 6 participants, which means that each participant does not have 1.5 metres, but more than 11m2 of space per person, allowing you to follow the training safely and with an appropriate distance from each other. In addition, a mandatory walking route has been created from the entrance to ensure the 1.5 meter at all times. Of course we take the necessary extra hygienic measures, such as extra cleaning of the classroom and toilets and there will be disinfecting gels available for you.

Prior to a visit to our training venue you will receive a number of check-up questions. Do you have a fever or a cold? Then we ask you to stay at home. You can then follow the training from home with Virtual classroom.

I would rather train online, how does a virtual classroom work?

A virtual classroom training works exactly the same as a classroom training: you do the same assignments, have the same teacher and study the same study materials. The only difference is that you follow the training from home or another remote location. The Unit Company has been delivering the virtual courses for years, so you can assume that this type of training is just as good as a classroom course.

Do you have any questions or would you like to make a reservation? Feel free to contact us, we are happy to help you.