ArchiMate® training March in retrospect

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Rating training

On the second and third of March, our ArchiMate® training took place in Utrecht. This time, we were happy to welcome 11 participants, whom we prepared for the certification.

The group consisted of people from four different nationalities and we found that every single one of them was highly eager to learn. There have been critical debates that haven’t only been helpful in the preparation for the exam, but also in understanding the material so that it can be applied in real-life situations. We wish you all success in using ArchiMate in your day-to-day business!

Exam passing rate: 80%

Reviews of participants:

Good overview of ArchiMate theory

It helps to understand the language and makes it easier to choose a meta model

ArchiMate provides a great framework to model business processes

Good and practical overview of the modelling with ArchiMate. It points to rightly on what is important.

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