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What is the TOGAF® framework?

The TOGAF® standard brings together enterprise, information and infrastructure. It is the process of actual architecture; the link between enterprise, IT and project management.

Every organization is subject to change. From strategic to daily changes, from long-term to rapid changes. How do you ensure that the business future is and remains stable? In order to support changes, Enterprise Architecture must bring the business design and IT together. The TOGAF® standard provides a common view on the matter, making the approach unambiguous. In addition, the TOGAF® framework is divided into four architectural domains.

Why choose for TOGAF®?

The TOGAF method is the approach for designing and implementing architecture.

TOGAF® ensures an unambiguous approach;

TOGAF entails a uniform language so that the terminology is used in the same way;

TOGAF provides tools that enable architecture, project management and operations management to work well together;

TOGAF® ensures that your architecture does the work;

TOGAF® provides governance.

TOGAF is worldwide accepted
as number 1 enterprise framework.

60% of the Fortune 500 companies
uses the TOGAF framework.

80% of the top Global 50 companies
uses the TOGAF framework.

Benefits TOGAF® 9 Certified training

TOGAF® offers the following advantages:

TOGAF stimulates smart re-use of existing processes, applications and infrastructure;

TOGAF facilitates a pragmatic approach for IT projects;

TOGAF ensures sustainable business agility;

TOGAF provides transparency for business stakeholders;

TOGAF ensures alignment of IT budget and business strategy and objectives;

TOGAF supports revenue generation and cost reduction by enabling faster, smarter projects.

Within the TOGAF® 9.2 training you will be guided by experienced trainers and you will work together with other participants. At the end of the training you will have gained sufficient knowledge to apply the TOGAF® methodology in your daily work and pass the exams.

Would you like to take your company one step further? Then sign up directly for our TOGAF® training course. For more information you can download the TOGAF® quick start guide free of charge.

What do you learn in this accredited  TOGAF® Training?

In our TOGAF 9 Certified Training, accredited by The Open Group, you will learn all about Enterprise Architecture and the TOGAF framework. This way you will successfully take the TOGAF exams and help your company one step further!

This TOGAF® training course at your company location?

The Unit Company provides a complete training at your office from 6 participants. Request a quote for an in-company training.

Classroom, virtual and eLearning.

Your health is our number one priority. That’s why from June 15th we will admit a maximum number of participants in our classrooms to ensure social distance. Do you prefer to follow the training from another location? No problem, that is also one of the possibilities.

TOGAF® training investment including exams passing protection.

TOGAF® 9 Certified Training
€ 1.995,-
  • De TOGAF® 9 Training van The Unit Company is geaccrediteerd door The Open Group
  • TOGAF® Version 9.2
  • 4 days training
  • Including 2 exams

  • TOGAF® Pocket guide
  • TOGAF® ebook
  • Practice exams

  • Exam passing guarantee

  • Exams on training location

  • Certified within 1 week

TOGAF® 9 Certified Training
€ 2.545,-
  • De TOGAF® 9 Training van The Unit Company is geaccrediteerd door The Open Group
  • TOGAF® Version 9.2
  • 4 days training
  • Including exam vouchers
  • TOGAF® Pocket guide
  • TOGAF® eBook
  • Practice exams
  • Exam passing guarantee
  • Exams on training locatie

  • Certified within 1 week

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