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TOGAF Training Foundation and TOGAF Training Practitioner certifications

Accredited Incompany TOGAF® Training Course

Experienced and passionate trainers.

Cost effective

Exams during the training or receive voucher(s) after the training.

Recognised educator for certifications since 2008.

togaf ea practitioner accredited course

This TOGAF® Training Foundation and TOGAF® Training Practitioner from The Unit Company are accredited by The Open Group

Four advantages of Incompany TOGAF® training

Cost effective

This in-company training is cost efective because of larger number of participants. We give that advantage back to you!

Team development

This in-company training ensures that employees learn together and from each other. Great for teambuilding!

Oriented to your company

The training takes your organizational context into account.

thuiswerk training

Examinations at your location

Your employees don’t have to go to a test center, they certified by us within 1 week!

Incompany training alligned to your needs!

The TOGAF® Standard is certainly the most widely used Enterprise Architecture framework in the world. Every organization is undergoing change. From strategic to daily changes, from long-term to rapid changes.
In order to support this change, Enterprise Architecture addresses both the business and IT aspects . The TOGAF® framework provides a common view on the matter, as a result it makes the approach unambiguous.

In this TOGAF® training, the participants become familiar with Enterprise architecture. They will gain sufficient theoretical and practical knowledge to start applying the TOGAF® standard within your organization.

The participants are well prepared for the exams. Based on your choice we do the exams directly on site or the candidates will receive exam vouchers.

We adapt to your needs! Training during day or evening, spread over multiple weaks or consecutive. Your specific needs are welcome! We love the challenge, so we adapt to your needs as much as possible. Experience the perfection of our high quality training courses.

Questions and Answers

Incompany training also at my location?

  • Yes. We are privileged to physically train arround the world!
  • The list of countries where we have trained physically includes: Bonaire, Germany, Netherlands, Oman, Brunei, United Kingdom, Belgium, Zwiterserland, Austria and surely some more.
  • We love the opportunity to train for you and learning from different cultures!
  • Just contact us, no obligations

TOGAF Training - Foundation based on 10th Edtion?

  • Yes it is  based on the 10th Edition of the TOGAF Standard.
  • This TOGAF® Training – Foundation from The Unit Company is accredited by The Open Group

TOGAF Training - Practitioner based on 10th Edtion?

  • Yes it is  based on the 10th Edition of the TOGAF Standard.
  • This TOGAF® Training – Practitoner from The Unit Company is accredited by The Open Group

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